Beginning of Digital Transformation

RTLS is suitable for simultaneous real-time tracking of all kinds of assets and is robust enough for industrial environments. We offer versatile applications and services that help you solve your tracking and process transparency problems.

Make smarter business decisions with real-time data analysis

RTLS Analytics is a revolutionary software service delivering significant facts and valuable information about movements in your facility. Manage with an all-in-one compact dashboard, not only help you to swift logistics but also speed-up operations and streamline key processes.

  • Right Time Decisions
  • Flexibility & Efficiency
  • Asset Tracking & Management
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Reinforce Securitiy
  • Business Insights

End-to-End Solutions For RTLS

ZEROM's RTLS provides smooth installation, optimal deployment, easy maintenance, and control of the Location platform.

RTLS Simulator

By setting up virtual zones and rule-sets for each business scenario, you can quickly find ways to maximize your work efficiency by simulating various cases that occur in the actual business process.

Verifying Work Efficiency

You can experience the business effect that will be improved via RTLS.

Time and Cost Saving

Based on the simulation data, you can quickly apply it to real projects.

RTLS Manager

RTLS Manager offers simple, accessible and user-friendly system management. Check your RTLS platform system parameters and upgrade the entire system, once the new firmware version is released or reconfigure devices on-demand, all remotely and online, no matter where you are.

Virtual Zone Setup

Manage the entry and exit of all assets by space with more efficiency.

Notification Setup

Each of the virtual zones can set up the notifications of info/warning/danger level about the tag groups.

RTLS Monitor

RTLS Monitor gives you a complete overview of circumstances in your facility even you are miles away. It features Virtual Zones setup, Alert and Notifications, Real-time asset tracking, Tags deployment at once with facility plans and buildings management. Everything embedded in the interactive mapping, visualization tool with a graphically-friendly interface.

Real-time Assets Tracking

Manage your assets visually based on real-time location.

Real-time Risk Detection

Prevent the accident and handle the situation immediately in efficient ways.

RTLS Analytics

Explore new operational possibilities while enhancing the current best practices of your business and lower the costs. Refine and transform operational effectiveness with RTLS Analytics which opens up insights into location intelligence in your facility. This Analytics system gives you the power to access the statistically processed data in the form of reconfigurable and explanatory dashboards.


Visualize your facility from details and overall outlines.


Notify the current state of every zone with the variable levels.


Integrate the location intelligence into your own solution with HTTP REST, WebSocket, Webhook. With RTLS APIs you have all data formats and interactive Open API interface for smooth integration accessible at one place.


Provides all available metadata information and positioning data. Can be used to access ~assets and historic data, like information about Buildings, Floorplans, Tags, Anchors etc. It is the only connector that is able to get ~assets data from the database.


It is used in applications where real-time positioning acquisition is required. Websockets can only provide positioning data. To access historic data, please use the REST connector.


A webhook is a way for an app to provide other applications with real-time information. A webhook delivers data to other applications as it happens, meaning you get data immediately.

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