Smart Factory

Communication & Cooperation of people and machines in Real-time

RTLS for Smart Factory

With the Real-Time Location System, data of your assets such as forklifts, vehicles, personnel are collected and analyzed at any given time. This system detects improper movement that may cause accidents and alerts to the supervisor. Moreover, based on advanced collected data, the RTLS optimizes workflow, saving time and money.


Safety is always first. RTLS technology can detect the location of personnel and machines in real-time to prevent accidents. In the event of an accident, a notification can be sent to the nearest supervisor to respond quickly and efficiently.

  • Personnel protection
  • Detect dystrophy
  • Prevent accidents

Flexibility & Efficiency

You can actively inject resources by capturing the needs required in each situation in real-time and increase efficiency by identifying unnecessary assets based on the frequency of use. Circulation can also be adjusted based on workflow data and placed in the right place. Thus, RTLS technology brings you maximum profit with minimal assets to achieve economic benefits.

  • Optimzie the workflow
  • Prevent overproduction
  • Easy asset management


Security is a top priority for all industries. You can see the location of visitors at a glance in real-time and reduce the omission of security access lists. It can also detect and respond quickly to intruders and distinguish weak security points through the location history statistical analysis of tags.

  • A high level of data security
  • Protect server and infrastructure
  • Strengthening weak points